About iDocuMint™

Improving Physician Productivity by Simplifying Complete Clinical Documentation

Clinical documentation requirements and physician documentation queries threaten physician productivity. As a physician, you want innovative documentation solutions that simplify the requirements and improve your daily productivity. 

VitalWare™ introduces iDocuMint™, designed for quick and efficient documentation fulfillment in an easy to use electronic "superbill" format. iDocuMint is a true productivity enhancement tool for physicians facing increased regulations. Conveniently operating on a PC or mobile device, the web-based application bridges the gaps frequently found in clinical documentation today.

iDocuMint is powered by ICD Sherpa™, VitalWare's patent pending, proprietary Physician Documentation Engine. Since 2011, our clinical and coding experts have been linking ICD vocabulary and 'alias' terms with their corresponding medical concepts. ICD Sherpa is the intelligence backbone to VitalWare's product line, and facilitates organizational continuity by providing consistent search results throughout our suite of documentation, coding and auditing products.

The ICD Sherpa database was developed for, and is available to embed into EMR/EHR applications to improve problem list selection and meet Stage 2 Meaningful Use SNOMED requirements. Embedding ICD Sherpa into the physician workflow effectively alleviates physician productivity concerns brought on by clinical documentation requirements. 

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Customizable favorites listPhysicians will learn from favorites lists the documentation concepts of ICD's and their interdependencies related to complete code selection.
Identification of correct ICD terminologyContinually trains physicians on updated terms and terminology that may differ from current organization vocabulary.
Displays full ICD descriptionsFamiliarizes physicians with new vocabulary and the specific requirements of ICD codes.
Visible documentation categoriesPhysicians quickly learn missing elements and granularity of ICD codes, reinforcing that complete documentation facilitates proper and accurate code selection and appropriate reimbursement.
Proprietary clinical relevance algorithmPresents physicians with appropriate categorization criteria, weighted according to clinical significance and prompts for additional code requirements based on documentation rules.
Customizable, organized viewAllows Physicians to organize and save views enabling quick and succinct code selection, minimizing the number of clicks to produce a “superbill” like transaction.
Gold standard documentation guidelinesPrompts for additional documentation considerations based on VitalWare’s proprietary, expert guidance and the documentation and coding guidelines.
Powered by ICD Sherpa™Provides access to our patent pending, proprietary, concept-based engine for medical documentation. ICD Sherpa was designed to link ICD vocabulary and 'alias' terms with their corresponding medical concepts, thus grouping like medical concepts into clinically relevant categories for accurate code selection.
Interoperable database utilized throughout the VitalWare Product SuiteProvides consistent search results promoting documentation and coding continuity across your organization.

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